Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Venue

We are finally getting started on some wedding venue details.

Just in case I haven't mention it... which I probably haven't... We're getting married and having our reception at this beautiful home. The Family who owns it are good friends with my Mother. They are more than just good friends... they are like Family to us. The wife is more like a Sister to my Mommy. They are wonderful wonderful people.

Anyhow... she and her husband bought a beautiful home in 2010 in Murrieta, CA. The home is surrounded by beautiful green trees and lovely nature.

She, family friend, offered her home to us in a heart beat as soon as she heard we were engaged.

I've ALWAYS wanted an outdoor wedding and reception. No offense to anyone who has had or is having a country club or hall reception/wedding... but it's just NOT my thing. To say the least.
In reality... I don't think we could have afforded any sort of outdoor venue with our budget. We seriously SCORED!

To get to my original point... we had a plan-of-action meeting this weekend to go over what needs to be done to make both us and the homeowners happy. They planned on planting some plants and building a few things. We needed to go over both our expectations and decide if everything can be finished in time.

Luckily for them... and us... Carlos and I are pretty low maintenance. We love the rusticity of the home and it really makes things a lot easier. So all we really have to do is clear some brush, pull some weeds, and plant a few lovely plants in small areas. The rest should be a piece of cake thereafter!

Isn't this hallway GORGEOUS! I'm hoping to get some cool wedding day photo's in it.

We also went over parking. There are no actual curbs around these country-like homes... so I was a little worried how we were going to fit possibly over 60 vehicles. Turns out their neighbors have parties all the time and everyone just parked wherever they could find parking in the dirt. I'm pretty comfortable with the idea now. I have informed my guests on our wedding website to wear comfortable shoes on our special day.

These photo's were taken before they moved in so everything is a little empty looking.
Isn't it GORGEOUS though!?!


Katie @ My Darling Days said...

How exciting, doesn't it feel good when things start coming together? Looks like a beautiful spot, your day will be fantastic!

PS - I also love your new blog layout, super cute!!

Tracy said...

That is an amazing venue! You are going to have the most beautiful wedding pics

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

How exciting! That home is insane! So beautiful :)

Ashley said...

Hi Nicole! Ashley from Color and Pearls here. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love yours! Your venue is perfect! I wish we had super cool friends like you! Good luck with your planning!

vanna said...

This place looks gorgeous!