Thursday, April 26, 2012

On Trend: Neon Smeon

The neon trend is rushing through souther california and I'm sure other places as well. I'm no fashionista but... I'm not a huge fan of neon.

Except when it comes to a theme party!

My amazing friend Tori recently threw an awesome neon themed party. A DJ, Black lights, glow in the dark (GITD) jewelry, neon cupcakes, GITD jello shots, and GITD drink stirrers (aka GITD bracelets not pieced together)

Here are the pictures of our cool neon outfits and some group photos

The Host of the evening.
Isn't her outfit flipping awesome!?!

Group Photo!

My Older Sissy
The bestie/MOH!

So as usual I wish I would have taken more pictures of all the little details. I'm a terrible photo journalist! Forgive me my friends!

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Alexa said...

So cute. Love the photos! :)