Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pink Parlour Make Ya Holler

I recently attended my first handmade craft show. I've been wanting to go to a craft show... and thought I would sooner...  but no one ever wanted to go with me.

Well my Mom and Sisters and I went to see what the Pink Parlour Festival was all about on a very yucky, rainy day.

I am still disappointed in myself that I was too shy to take pictures at the actual event. I don't know why I am the way I am sometimes! Geesh! I'll never be a great blogaholic at the rate I'm going. I need to get out of my shell pronto!

What I did take from this event is the discovery of some awesome local handmade craft vendors. You know... my competition one day when I open my own crafty business. Just kidding... I think all of you business crafters support each other in a non-competitive manner. Right?

Although I didn't get any event photo's, I did take a few cute pictures of the car ride home, our lunch, and the items I bought. Take a look!

Me and my Bee showing off our Pink Parlour swag bags

Me and Bee in the car

Love this photo of my Little Sis helping Littlest Sis cross the parking lot

Both my little sissy's at lunch
(I have one of my Mommy and me but I don't think she liked the picture very much so I won't post it)

Bee being silly at lunch
Happy Face Fries are the boss!

One of the 2 shirts I purchases
The other one says "Keep Calm and Craft On"

Also... My Mommy and Sisters and myself went to the movies sometime after that and me and my sister showed up in the same shirt! It had to happen eventually!

Anyway I hope everyone is having a lovely week!

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