Monday, July 30, 2012

5 States in 4 days! (Part 1)

Alright I didn't actually VISIT 5 states in 4 days... but I did at least drive into a couple of them!
In May, Love of my life and I  took a little mini vacation with his business partner and wife to visit our business friend/ new friend-friend in her hometown of Baltimore.

We took a red eye from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) to PHL (Philadelphi Internationl Airport) and did some early morning Philly Site seeing.

We stopped in at Bonte Wafflerie and Cafe near Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, ordered a regular waffle and a banana waffle and oogled the good looking doctor/lawyer-types walking down the street. (well... I oogled) It never hurts to look but... sorry baby!


We walked through Washington Square on our way to the Independance Hall tour. Washington square is very beautiful and informative and Independance Hall was very educational and it was exciting to see where the Constituion was signed and what it was signed with. The place was packed so we looked at the Liberty Bell outside the window. Liberty Bell window shopping!

The Chandalier in the building where the Constitution was signed.

Used to sign the Constitution

A Pale Blue Staircase in the building where the constitution was signed. Beautiful!
Oh! I can't forget to mention that we had a street cart Philly Cheese Steak. Either it was really amazing or I was really hungry but we devoured our Philly cheese steaks in a matter of minutes. Oh I forgot to mention that we had our philly cheesesteaks with Utz potato chips. Everywhere I looked I saw the Utz brand! I think it's very popular in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

 After our Philly Cheese Steaks and our walk back to the car we headed to Baltimore where our friend lives.

to be continued in Part 2

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