Thursday, July 19, 2012

Life Lately (1)

New Post Series - Life Lately

Along with crafting, my blog has expanded into a life/wedding/fashion blog. I'm just all over the place... then again... when am I NOT all over the place?!?

So I decided to add a Life Lately post series. Many of you bloggy bloggers do the same out there. It's an easy way to fill readers in on new junk going on and extremely useful when you don't have concrete shit stuff to post.

So... here is my Life Lately

Made these twin wrapped letters (CN = Carlos Nicole)
Potential cake topper

Snapped a picture of this in my favorite magazine, Glamour.

My Love is growing Gerber Daisies for me
Need I say more?

Celebrated my Grandma's 75th Birthday
I love this woman so much
She's still thrifting, and dancing, and bingo-ing strong!

Purchased these glass beads for my wedding lasso

Celebrated Father's day with my Dad at the California Science Center
Yes, I stenciled this fabulous Tshirt for him! Skills!

Went to an Angel Game. Finally!

Enjoyed some 'chokes and Chuck! (Artichokes and Two Buck Chuck)

Prepared and consumed my very first "Fluff 'N' Nutter"
(Sounds like a dirty movie title if ya ask me!)

Enjoyed a yummy breakfast at the Fire House in Mission Beach, SD
(the full story some other time.. not my proudest drunken moment!)

Made a pillow out of a $1 thrifted Moo Moo
Aren't the flowers Gorg'?

Made this Fancy Little Number

Made these damn-good bacon wrapped asparagus!

Painted my Boo Boo's nails.
Glitter Nails! Fancy!

Wore red lipstick on Independence Day

AND I'm sure I'm missing so much more! 
I suck at this blogging thing! Thanks for hanging in there with me followers! I truly adore you all!


Katie said...

Love it, love you and keep them coming cuz now I feel like an informed friend!

Cindy C. said...

Aww! Your baby pics are SO CUTE! :D You've grown into a beautiful young lady as well (:

Cindy C.

Cindy C. said...

Oh and to answer to your question I am from Cerritos, California! (: It's right on the border of Los Angeles and Orange County (:

Cindy C.