Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bells Are In The Air

I'm so excited today is my Bridal Shower. I know that a lot of time and effort was put into this event and I am really looking forward to celebrating with my closest Girlfriends and Family. They all mean the WORLD to me!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Budget Friendly Wedding Dress

Hello Blog readers!

I don't have any personal wedding updates to post today but I came across this gorgeous white dress from OASAP on one of my favorite blogs, Wearing it on my Sleeves, and thought that I could post some lovely budget friendly wedding dresses. I found all of these bridal finds at OASAP. They have amazing products and they offer free shipping worldwide.

For the Effortless Chic Bride
OASAP: Bohemian Flower Pattern Sleeveless Ankle Length Dress - $86

For the Greek Goddess Bride
OASAP: One Shoulder Pleated Bound Waist Dress - $140

For the Princess Bride
OASAP: Boat Neck Flouncing Detail Short Sleeve Princess Dress - $110

For the Vintage Bride
OASAP: Semi Sheer Cap Sleeve Dress with Wrap Front Design - $109
For the Tea Party Bride
OASAP: Luxurious Lace Bound Waist Pleated Dress with Cropped Sleeves - $125

For the Bohemian Bride
OASAP: Long White Exquisite Cut out Sleeveless Dress - $69

I hope you like my budget friendly wedding dress picks. Although my Beautiful wedding dress was not budget-friendly, If I were on a budget I would totallu snatch up one of these beauts!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Birthday Sushi

In June, our friend Miguel celebrated his Birthday. It's pretty much become tradition for the four of us to go on a double date for Birthday Sushi at our favorite Sushi joint. So in keeping up with tradition we dined out at Azabu Sushi in Whittier, CA.

We ALWAYS have a great time there. Our Sushi man, John, is hilarious! He also makes the best sushi... EVER! The Sushi is AMAZING.

Group Photo

The Birthday Boy

My Sue Sue

After we paid the bill we walked off our sushi in uptown Whittier. We stopped into a candy/fudge shop called Village Sweets. I love me a quality candy store! Well... the fudge was amazing. They had Pistachio, Rainbow Sherbert, and a Tamarindo fudge. AMAZING!

Here are some funny photo's from the cute little candy spot

I loved their decor!

Just call me the Candy Monster

A couple of hotties right here!

It was a great night with the Chavez's! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

West Covina Relay For Life 2012

This year I participated in the West Covina Relay For Life on June 2, 2012.
Our team was called Fighting Familia.

I walked in honor and in memory of my Mother In Law who left us too soon on December 24, 2011. I participated to make a difference in the fight against Cancer.

It was a 24 hour event and the goal is to fundraise and walk the event for 24 hours. Since there were only 7 walkers on our team and we couldn't gather enough participants to walk for us, we did not last the full 24 hours. I'm hoping next year we make a goal to have a representative from our team always walking so we make the 24 hour goal. It can be done because there were a couple teams who accomplished it.

The positive is that raised a total of $2,155.00 as a whole. Not bad for a first year team!

Here are some photo's from the event.

Our Team (missing one)
We got to hold the closing walk sign

Eric, Carlos, and Nicole Walking

Karina, Team Captain Lindsay, and Tori Walking
My Amazing Friend Tori
Our Event Candy Bar Fundraiser

Team Shirts. Some Lost and Some Survivors.

Me and my boo!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Concerts: Kimbra is AMAZING!

Disclaimer: I wrote this post a while ago and am just now adding photo's.

Kimbra. You may know her from the Gotye song, Somebody That I Used to Know. My Sister was so excited when she heard Kimbra was going to be doing a free show in Los Angeles and quickly invited a group of us to go. The show is better known as School Night. School Night hosts free shows every Monday night.

Our amazing view of Kimbra!

Well the only people willing and wanting to go to this FREE show was my sister, my brother in law and myself. It was on a Monday at 9:00 pm but we had to be there super early because it was a free show and free shows are first come, first serve and we didn't want to stand in a huge line. I was starting to back out because I was nervous I was going to wear myself out. But I ended up not backing out and My sister and her husband picked me up from work at 5:00 pm and we headed straight to the venue from there.

We arrived to Bar Bardot around 6:00 pm and couldn't find the place at first and there were no lines anywhere yet. After walking around the building once unsure of where exactly the entrance was we encountered some Kimbra fans as lost as we were and they told us they start opening the doors at 7:00 pm. So it's 6:30 and we decide to go grab a quick bite to eat.

We ended up at Juicy Burger. It was our first time eating there and I have to say the burger was JUICY AND DELICIOUS! What makes the juicy burgers amazing are the BUNS. They were crisp on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside and coated in a little oil or butter. I give Juicy Burger 5 stars!

Sister enjoying her Juicy

In the middle of waiting to get their food, My sister was so nervous about a line forming that she sent my Brother in law to go check out the status and wait in line. I had already scarfed my burger down by the time they received their food.

My sister and I basically speed walked to the venue and when we arrived, my Brother in law was first in line. Yes my friends we were the first in line to see Kimbra! We had about an hour to wait so I went to the car to grab something to sit on and my sister just so happened to have CARDBOARD boxes in the trunk of her vehicle. So I grabbed the boxes and we sat like hobo's and waited patiently for the show. We played some card game that I forgot the name of. That was fun! We also made friends with a dude name Nicholas from Newport Beach or Costa Mesa or somewhere near the beach.

Sisters in front of the line
The line quickly started to form and eventually wrapped around the corner of the street. We were gloating the whole time... or at least I was gloating. By the time we were let into the venue it was about 8:30 pm. I was even gloating that we got to go in before the VIP's did! LOVED that! We planted ourselves right in the front of the stage and only moved once to run to the restroom really quick and grab a couple drinks! The venue was small but cool but my feet and legs were already wearing down.

In front of the itty bitty stage

Of course there was an opener. They were called Mini Mansions. They were pretty freaking cool! I was afraid there was going to be 3 openers and Kimbra and then the Headliner would only perform for 30 minutes. That was not the case. As soon as the crew reorganized the small stage, they placed the set list for Kimbra in front of each musicians area. 15 minutes later the band came out and Kimbra came out in an ADORABLE dress!

As soon as she started singing, I was infatuated! Her performance was amazing and her voice incredible. Her live performance doesn't compare to her album. You MUST see her perform live. She also does this thing with her hands that is so cool and unique. She's very articulate.

As you can see the set list was not a short one and she sang every single song on the list. Her band was also damn amazing and her drummer looked like Kid from Kid and Play. Need I say more?

I call him Kid

Thursday, August 2, 2012

5 States in 4 Days (Part 4)

After our very long day out touring DC and Baltimore, we were ready to go to the races.

The Preakness at Pimlico.

I was definitely not ready for what the Preakness had in store for us. Heat, lines, and more heat!

I was not prepared for the Weather for the day. I didn't pack any sundresses or shorts so I opted for jeans, a tank top, and boots. BAD idea! It was super hot and dry that day and it was pretty miserable.

To make matters worse we purchased "VIP unlimited Beer" tickets. We thought we were cool with our VIP tickets. Wrong! Everyone had them and it took us an hour to get our reusable beer mug and took us 20 minutes to refill our mugs. Lines Lines Lines!!! While we probably saved a few bucks, it was not worth the hassle.

Before the heat REALLY started kicking in enjoying the first beer!

The Highlight of the preakness for me was the good music and people-watching. Lots of live bands including Maroon 5! Although we weren't able to get a close viewing spot, we enjoyed the music from afar. I've always loved Maroon 5 and it was so exciting to have the opportunity to see them live.

Enjoying Maroon 5 with our empty beer mugs!

Lily & Manny enjoying Maroon 5 with their empty beer mugs! LOL

The people-watching was also interesting. There was actually not a huge mix of people. Mostly preppy college students and graduates is what I observed. Nonetheless it was fun to people-watch.

People watching under the shade

For the most part the Preakness was enjoyable but the heat and the heat-unfriendly clothing completely wiped me out! I was ready to go back to the house in the woods and sleep the day off!

We ended up staying up late and driving to the cemetary where they filmed the Blare Witch Project. I did NOT get out of the car. A dark cemetary is so not my thing... unless I'm drunk.

During this trip I realized I love traveling and experiencing new places, but for some reason I get home sick. So after a very fun and busy vacation I was ready to board a plane and head home.

View from the plane ride home

The End

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: 59 Days and Counting

I can't believe we're less than two months away from our wedding. I am Nervous and Excited and Giddy and Ready!

I know I already posted today, but it's Wedding Wednesday and the countdown begins!

Here is what I'm looking forward to in a mere 59 days!

* I am Looking forward to celebrating with my closest Friends and Family.

* I am Looking forward to seeing my vision come to life.

* I am Looking forward to drinking out of our Hillbillie Wine Glasses.

* I am Looking forward to wearing my Beautiful Wedding Gown.

* I am Looking forward to all the fun stuff we have in store.

But I am most looking forward to...

* Marrying the Man of My dreams!!!

I leave you with these Inspiring Wedding Photo-Op pins on Pinterest

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

5 States in 4 Days (part 3)

Hey readers!

I left off enjoying the evening bonfire at our friends country home...

After discussing our plans the night before, we had decided that we wanted to leave at 8:00 am to do the DC site seeing. I'm a plan-ahead kind of gal so when we discussed this time I figured we might stick to it... not the case. I woke up at 6:45 to take a shower and get ready only to wait around 3 hours for everyone to wake up and get ready. Needless to say I wasn't a happy camper. Maybe I'm a little high strung but when somone says be ready at this time, I'm ready at that time. Anyway... once I got over that dumb shit we were greeted by a lovely breakfast of fresh chicken eggs in toast, unprocessed sausage pattis, and unprocessed bacon. These people are the real deal!

Eggs in toast. I never heard of the concept before. NEVER. I really can't believe I had never been accustomed to eggs in toast.

After breakfast we began our drive to DC and did the tourist thang! The White House, Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, and the Korean War Memorial.

We ate hot dogs and giant egg rolls from a cart outside the White House and exhausted ourselves from walking all day.

After DC we headed back to Baltimore, in the worst traffic I have ever experienced, to meet my childhood best friend for dinner. I completely forgot she lived on the East Coast. I called her our first day there and she made arrangements to visit her in-laws in Maryland and meet us up for dinner.

Friends since the 2nd grade!

We dined at this Italian Restaurant that had amazing crab cakes and pasta. After dinner, we made our way to the city and had dessert at an Italian dessert spot. AMAZING and so much fun!

This was AMAZING! My kind of dessert!

Never thought I would have out of state friends. So cool!

Our lovely Hosts

On our way home from the Dessert spot, my girlfriend drove us through the ummm... less impressive part of Baltimore. Many (most) houses were boarded up and I saw at least two police vehicles within a 1 block radius. Needless to say I was a little freaked out that we were touring the area that has the highest murder rate in America.

We called it a night and headed home to rest for our long day at the Preakness the following day.