Thursday, August 2, 2012

5 States in 4 Days (Part 4)

After our very long day out touring DC and Baltimore, we were ready to go to the races.

The Preakness at Pimlico.

I was definitely not ready for what the Preakness had in store for us. Heat, lines, and more heat!

I was not prepared for the Weather for the day. I didn't pack any sundresses or shorts so I opted for jeans, a tank top, and boots. BAD idea! It was super hot and dry that day and it was pretty miserable.

To make matters worse we purchased "VIP unlimited Beer" tickets. We thought we were cool with our VIP tickets. Wrong! Everyone had them and it took us an hour to get our reusable beer mug and took us 20 minutes to refill our mugs. Lines Lines Lines!!! While we probably saved a few bucks, it was not worth the hassle.

Before the heat REALLY started kicking in enjoying the first beer!

The Highlight of the preakness for me was the good music and people-watching. Lots of live bands including Maroon 5! Although we weren't able to get a close viewing spot, we enjoyed the music from afar. I've always loved Maroon 5 and it was so exciting to have the opportunity to see them live.

Enjoying Maroon 5 with our empty beer mugs!

Lily & Manny enjoying Maroon 5 with their empty beer mugs! LOL

The people-watching was also interesting. There was actually not a huge mix of people. Mostly preppy college students and graduates is what I observed. Nonetheless it was fun to people-watch.

People watching under the shade

For the most part the Preakness was enjoyable but the heat and the heat-unfriendly clothing completely wiped me out! I was ready to go back to the house in the woods and sleep the day off!

We ended up staying up late and driving to the cemetary where they filmed the Blare Witch Project. I did NOT get out of the car. A dark cemetary is so not my thing... unless I'm drunk.

During this trip I realized I love traveling and experiencing new places, but for some reason I get home sick. So after a very fun and busy vacation I was ready to board a plane and head home.

View from the plane ride home

The End

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