Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sew in Love Bridal Shower: The Decor

I have been a busy Bride! This is interesting to post because Carlos and I just got Married this Saturday the 29th and I'm just now getting to posting about the Bridal Shower

Anyway... I'm excited to finally get to sharing all of the Bridal and Wedding Festivities.

So to start... Yes my friends... the theme was Sew in Love! Does that just SCREAM Nicole or what? ummm... yes!

So here is the adorable decor my Mother dreamed up and executed. She's so freaking amazing!!!!

The entrance at a different angle

The Sangria/Lemon Water Station

The Plates

The food bar!!! Filled with my favorite egg souffles from Panera Bread, Quiche, Fruit, Pan Dulce, and Diane Salad!
Mimosa Bar!!!! We was feeling good that afternoon!

Undies and Vintage Furniture

The front entrance
Customize Furniture with lovely sayings. This one is mine and Carlos'!

My special mugs
The coffee Bar

The pictures don't even describe how amazing everything looked. I didn't notice half the things that were incorporated I was so overwhelmed by it all. I couldn't have asked for a better Bridal Shower Decor! Great job Mommy! Love you so much!

Tune in next time for more Sew In Love Bridal Shower Details


Windy City Mama said...

Wow! That is amazing. I want to jump right into that mimosa bar.

Recently Roached said...

Seriously? This is adorable! What a great theme :) Love the suitcases

his little lady said...

All of these decorations are absolutely adorable!!!!
xo TJ

Jessica said...

Oh my! How darling and creative! I love it so much! And congrats to you! -Jessica L