Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sew in Love Bridal Shower: The Photobooth

So it seems my Family and closest Friends know me all too well and they set up a wonderful photo booth complete with 3 life size thread spools. Check-out a few of my favorite captured moments in my sew-in-Love Bridal Shower Photo Booth.

This Little Devil
My Bridal Party
The Most Important Women in my Life (Mom, Sis Brittany, and Sis Lidia)
No Bridal Shower would be Complete without a Glove laying around
My Funny Grandma Lillian
Yeah, I have some crazy amazing Amigas
The Sandoval/Godinez Clan
My Lovely Crazy Fun Sister-In-Law
The Scothorn (Mom)/Guerra (Dad) Clan
My Bestest Friends
My Amazing Hostess Jeanne, Mama Donna, and My Amazing Mommy
My Amazing Hostesses
This Little Devil Again

Aren't those spools amazing? I have some pretty dang amazing friends!

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