Tuesday, July 31, 2012

5 States in 4 Days (Part 2)

If you read my previous post (Part 1) you know that I left off when we were on our way to Baltimore, MD.

The drive to Baltimore is beautiful. I've never seen so much lush green nature, beautiful home lots, and beautiful skies.

We were all exhausted from the time difference and the lack of sleep on the red eye but we all tried to stay awake to enjoy the ride.

Here is the part where we visit another state. We passed by New Jersey on our way to Maryland. State 2 visited! Told ya a couple of the states weren't very significant.

Here comes state 3!

We arrived to our destination safely. Our friends live in the Pretty Boy Reservoir in Baltimore county. Its lovely countryside. The homes are all spread out and are all on huge lots. I'm talking a crap loads of acres!

We arrived and relaxed on the patio and before you know it we're shooting guns, taking shots of Avion, and eating amazingly marinated deer meat. Note: I pouted a little at the thought of drinking tequila all night but it is an AMAZING tequila and I regret being such a brat about it... I'm not normally a tequila drinker. Maybe because most tequila's taste like shit and make me gag!

I have that evil look in my eye... I think I like this.

My Gangster Pose

Me and My Boo!

Shots! Shots! Shots!

Mrs. LW! Love her!

Lily with the Avion! She Kray!
Mrs. LW and Lily. Kray gals! Love them!

More Shooting!
Eating Deer Meat! Yum!
After the deer meat and a bottle of tequila shots later, we all hopped into a few golf carts and took a tour through the woods in the Twilight of night. Believe it or not, that was the funnest and most memorable part of the trip! It was so beautiful and so much freaking fun!

Manny and Lily on a cart in front of us.
View on the lake
When we arrived to the house from our golf cart trip we were greeted with a massive bonfire. our friends and their neighbors had been gathering wood and furniture for weeks to create this massive fire. The only thing missing was roasted marshmallows... but it was so mesmerizing and warm. And if you know me at all... you know I'm miserable if I'm cold and I love being warm!

Love of My Life in front of the Bonfire

After my body couldn't take anymore lack of sleep I crashed! Everyone else stayed up pretty late... Party animals! I can't hack it!

Monday, July 30, 2012

5 States in 4 days! (Part 1)

Alright I didn't actually VISIT 5 states in 4 days... but I did at least drive into a couple of them!
In May, Love of my life and I  took a little mini vacation with his business partner and wife to visit our business friend/ new friend-friend in her hometown of Baltimore.

We took a red eye from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) to PHL (Philadelphi Internationl Airport) and did some early morning Philly Site seeing.

We stopped in at Bonte Wafflerie and Cafe near Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, ordered a regular waffle and a banana waffle and oogled the good looking doctor/lawyer-types walking down the street. (well... I oogled) It never hurts to look but... sorry baby!


We walked through Washington Square on our way to the Independance Hall tour. Washington square is very beautiful and informative and Independance Hall was very educational and it was exciting to see where the Constituion was signed and what it was signed with. The place was packed so we looked at the Liberty Bell outside the window. Liberty Bell window shopping!

The Chandalier in the building where the Constitution was signed.

Used to sign the Constitution

A Pale Blue Staircase in the building where the constitution was signed. Beautiful!
Oh! I can't forget to mention that we had a street cart Philly Cheese Steak. Either it was really amazing or I was really hungry but we devoured our Philly cheese steaks in a matter of minutes. Oh I forgot to mention that we had our philly cheesesteaks with Utz potato chips. Everywhere I looked I saw the Utz brand! I think it's very popular in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

 After our Philly Cheese Steaks and our walk back to the car we headed to Baltimore where our friend lives.

to be continued in Part 2

Saturday, July 28, 2012

if you really knew me...

This has been floating around blog land for a while. Here goes My "if you really knew me"

If you really knew me...

you'd know that I love calamari but hate octopus. Weird, I know.

you'd know that I like dolphins. Since junior high school.

you'd know that I can sing. I can carry a tune and whale when I want to.

you'd know that I massage. I went to school for it and wasn't able to finish because the school closed down. I only practice on my close friends and family.

you'd know that I am sensitive. Always have been, always will be.

you'd know that I am creative. ummm... obviously.

you'd know that I am very frugile. $30 for a shirt? Hell no!

you'd know that I'm very gullible. The guys had to come up with a signal so that I can understand when they are joking.

you'd know that I love the color pink even though I don't wear it often.

If you really knew me...

you'd know that I am always in posession of a sweater or jacket. I don't go anywhere without one. I am often very cold. I don't even like cool breezes unless it's 90 degrees outside.

I am afraid of the dark. I always have been. If there isn't a light near by I always have my phone flashlight handy. It's even more scary having horrible vision.

you'd know that I slept in the same bed with my Mom and Sister until I started high school. Yeah this is normal for some and not so normal for others. I didn't like sleeping by myself and I was more afraid of the dark back then than I am now. I would literally see scary shit in things like laundry and the closet.

you'd know that I love sugary sweet smells like cotton candy, marshmallows, brown sugar, and honey. I'll never live down the time I told my friend that when I'm wearing a sugary scent, I just want to lick myself it smells so good!

you'd know that I've never been able to keep my room clean for more than a few days. Never as a kid, teenager, or an adult. I clean it often but it doesn't stay clean very long.

you'd know that I would do anything for the people I love. (and I love a lot of people!) I would take a bullet for them!

you'd know that I am a Thriftaholic and a Rossaholic. Just the mention of Ross or Thrifting or Rummaging makes my face light up!

you'd know that I have a bad temper sometimes. I still stomp like a little girl when I am not getting my way or am frustrated. It's a really bad habit. I feel terrible after.

you'd know that I'm not good at making new friends. I've come a long way in developing my social skills but I have this wall up that doesn't allow me to make NEW friends very often. Either that or I have an invisible sign on my forehead that says "eat shit, I don't want to be your friend" that everyone can see but me.

So now ya know me a little better. If I really knew you, what would I know?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Things don't always go as planned...

Lets have a little chat here. A real chat. An honest chat.

Recently we lost our original venue a little less than 3 months from our wedding date. Extremely sad news but the same day we were offered a smaller but beautiful residence to host our wedding.

Truly truly blessed.

That said... I have been struggling with my emotions lately about our loss and our gain. One minute I'm all happy go lucky and so grateful and blessed for what I have and the next minute I'm thinking about all the things that I wanted but can't have anymore. I hate it when I feel that way. I feel like I AM being ungrateful at times because we're not getting married in our dream location.

I keep telling myself and others that all that matters is him and I and all I want to do is get make him my Husband and become his wife. Which is absolutely 100% true. But sometimes I don't even believe myself when I say it.

I know that we are so blessed and there are so many positives about getting married at our current location but I can't seem to shake off the bad feelings and emotions completely.

On a better note...

Everything has been coming along...

Booked our DJ
Found a flower vendor
Went to my first dress fitting
Scheduled my second dress fitting
Started wooden signs
Received our invitations (although they have to be redone now)
And much more!

Anyway August is crunch time. I really want to finish everything before September 1st so I can concentrate on having fun at my bachelorette event, RSVP's, and vendor confirmations and payments.

Also... we're taking a little trip to Florida in August and considering it our pre-wedding honeymoon. Looking forward to that. Actually I want to get a lot accomplished before August 9th.

I leave you with some photo's I pinned recently.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image


Friday, July 20, 2012

Back in the day when I was young, I'm not a kid anymore...

... but somedays I sit and wish I was a kid again!

Yup! Busting out the tunes! Sing along if you know it!

Flash Back Friday!

Flashing back to some great childhood memories today. 
I don't remember half of the first 12 years of my life though!

Fear not.. my dear Grandma quickly reminded me of those memories by making me a flashback photo album for Christmas.
I love my Grandma!

Take a look... point and laugh if you want!

So this is where it all started... the open-mouth smile!
OG Baby!

Cheese Ball!

Me and Daddy as a BABY.BABY.BABY!

Yet another open mouth smile! CLASSIC!
Makes me chuckle every time!
And... Yes, my room has always been this disastrous... to this day!

Mommy and her Girls! 
(she might not like this... sorry Mom!)
Love this woman!

Me and My Tidder!

Cheap Head shots was the thing back then... 
Beauty Shots without the beautification or the price!
Damn my eyes look gorgeous in that pink background!

I don't think I ever really enjoyed taking pictures...
but I do now!

Me and Mommy at my HS Graduation
I can't believe it's been 10 years!

Well that's it for Flashback Friday
Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Life Lately (1)

New Post Series - Life Lately

Along with crafting, my blog has expanded into a life/wedding/fashion blog. I'm just all over the place... then again... when am I NOT all over the place?!?

So I decided to add a Life Lately post series. Many of you bloggy bloggers do the same out there. It's an easy way to fill readers in on new junk going on and extremely useful when you don't have concrete shit stuff to post.

So... here is my Life Lately

Made these twin wrapped letters (CN = Carlos Nicole)
Potential cake topper

Snapped a picture of this in my favorite magazine, Glamour.

My Love is growing Gerber Daisies for me
Need I say more?

Celebrated my Grandma's 75th Birthday
I love this woman so much
She's still thrifting, and dancing, and bingo-ing strong!

Purchased these glass beads for my wedding lasso

Celebrated Father's day with my Dad at the California Science Center
Yes, I stenciled this fabulous Tshirt for him! Skills!

Went to an Angel Game. Finally!

Enjoyed some 'chokes and Chuck! (Artichokes and Two Buck Chuck)

Prepared and consumed my very first "Fluff 'N' Nutter"
(Sounds like a dirty movie title if ya ask me!)

Enjoyed a yummy breakfast at the Fire House in Mission Beach, SD
(the full story some other time.. not my proudest drunken moment!)

Made a pillow out of a $1 thrifted Moo Moo
Aren't the flowers Gorg'?

Made this Fancy Little Number

Made these damn-good bacon wrapped asparagus!

Painted my Boo Boo's nails.
Glitter Nails! Fancy!

Wore red lipstick on Independence Day

AND I'm sure I'm missing so much more! 
I suck at this blogging thing! Thanks for hanging in there with me followers! I truly adore you all!