Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole! I miss... Brazil (photo-heavy)

Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole! I miss... Brazil!

Needless to say, Brazil was amazing. If I wasn't a travel junky before, I want to be one now! The beer was plentiful, the people were charming, and the fun was endless! I can't wait for the next adventure! If you love soccer, or even if you don't, attend a World Cup in your lifetime! You will LOVE it and it is an experience of a lifetime. Meeting and socializing with people from different parts of the world was amazing! The passion that people have for their country and their teams was evident, inspiring, and so much fun to witness. We made friends from Canada, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Russia, Chile, Australia (oh I LOVE their voices), and most importantly, Brazil! The wonderful Brazilian people were so friendly, helpful, and hospitable. What a great host country.

Here are some of the highlights of our trip.
  • Unknowingly flying business from LA to Miami and from Miami to Rio and utterly enjoying the experience. Annel and I were like kids in a candy store. Blanca was used to that great treatment. The flight attendant hooked it up with the Jack and Coke's too! And... who says no to mimosas?!? Crazy people, that's who!
  • Almost missing our flight to Rio by... minutes. We ran to the terminal to find the doors closed already but the airline attendants waved us in just in time. Baby Jesus was watching over us. (Thank Goodness we also flew business to Rio)

  • Dining at Paprika 4 nights in Natal, Rio Grande De Norte and all of the great people we dined with. So many great memories there! We just loved it there.
  • Witnessing the fifth fastest World Cup Goal made by USA's Clint Dempsey at the Ghana vs. USA game in Natal. We witnessed world cup history right there... history!

  • Playing volleyball at 2 a.m. with fellow American neighbors at our Natal beach house.
  • Almost finishing a bottle of Crown Royal and then going swimming in the warm rainy water at the beach house.

  • Attending the the Mexico vs. Cameroon game in the POURING rain in Natal. We were all soaked! (If you know me, you know I am not a fan of rain) 

  • Being Hosted in Rio by the BEST LOCALS! Thank you Paulette and Jon
  • Running into "the Canadians" 3 times between Natal and Rio
  • Staying out late every night in Rio

Jonathan and Paulette
All of us and one of our Canadian friends
Club in Lapa

Our Evening out in Ipanema
... and the amazing food
An amazing group of accomplished young females

Our Canadian Stalkers
  • Zip lining in Rio at Fan Fest
One of our Favorite Photo's

  • Mariu's Churrascaria was AMAZING! An establishment with such personality and amazing/fun decor! Not to mention... the food was GREAT. Even though many would say it is a tourist trap... well... I was a tourist and we really enjoyed it. It might not have been an authentic Brazilian Churrascaria but it was enjoyable.

The Women's Restroom was covered in vintage dolls and trinkets

Our evening out after dinner
  • Spending the day practically hiking up to Cristo Redentor, one of the wonders of the world!!!

Above All, travelling with the LOVE of my LIFE as we have always planned. 
I can't wait for our next travelling adventure.