Friday, August 1, 2014

Update: 30 Before 30 Bucket List

I have A LOT to accomplish in 39 days! Aaaaccck. Oh well... Maybe I can extend this to 30 IN the year of 30! Baaaahhaaaah!

Enjoying a Mimosa on our Business-Class
Flight to Brazil. OLE!

1.  Visit Brazil Done! Post Here
2.  Learn and dance Samba – Eeeeh We didn’t have time to Samba!
3.  Travel out of the country (filler) Yeah Buddy!
4.  Get a tattoo
5.  Get a Brazilian Bikini Wax – Boom for some Sexiness in my pants! - Done and Done and I LOVE IT!
6.  Learn a song on the Guitar 
7.  Write a song
8.  Record a song
9.  Post a YouTube video of me singing I sang the National Anthem for West Covina Nationals Little League and posted my very first YouTube video. More to come! Check out the video!
10.     Stay out until 5 am - PST or Brazilian time (I am often times incapable of staying awake past 2 am)
11.     Get rid of some of my craft stash - a craft stash is all the hoarding of craft supplies one crafter might be storing.
12.     Learn to make champurrado - one of my FAVS
13.     Learn to make tamales - Any kind: Guatemalan, Cuban, Mexican, etc
14.     Learn to make Pozole - any volunteers to teach me?
15.     Pay it Forward - Pay for someone’s Starbucks in the drive-through behind me, etc.
16.     Sew a skirt and a dress – probably using a pattern
17.     Cut my hair short again - the cut may come sooner than later. Tired of this “longness!” - I will get there soon but I'm loving my medium/long length right now and I just dyed it copper. Loving the copper (photo above)
18.     Ride a horse - surprisingly, I’ve never done this (that I am aware of)
19.     Attend a professional football game (Even if it’s in nose bleed)
20.     Go on a spontaneous outing with my hubby
21.     Run/jog 1, 2, and 3 miles without stopping
22.     Post 30 blog posts or more on the blog
23.     Call my friends at least once or twice a month - or more if reciprocated - Calls made: 1/6/14- I have been lagging on this one.
24.     Volunteer – thinking of the Do Good Bus or other local community volunteerism - Volunteer Hours: Massage Event, Tinker Bella ½ Marathon. Massaged all of the runners and walkers. Super great experience and it was great to use my magic massage hands again.
25.     Greet at least 1 stranger a day or week (Hello, good morning, good evening, etc) - this one is going to be tough for me. Greetings: 1/8/13 - Introduced myself to one of my new classmates. Too many to count now! I’m on a roll!
26.     Learn self-defense techniques - I’m thinking a self-defense meet-up to save money
27.     Learn to French braid and learn to French braid my own hair
28.     Take the train and spend a day in LA with my Mommy and Sisters - Girls day out!
29.     Take my husband to dinner - Girls can be “romantical” too!
30.     Treat myself to a day of pampering - Hair, nails, the works! I don’t do this enough.

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