Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Life Lately - The Struggle is Real

The Struggle is Real... per my metrics.

Thankfully, I'm not struggling to make ends meat because the husband and I are fortunate enough to be living with Mom and I am fortunate to have unemployment, and the hubby is working hard for us. The struggle, though, is with my confidence. The journey to finding where I belong has been humbling. Was I too confident that I would find a well-paying job right away? Possibly. Yes. Absolutely! Employers don't want to pay for talent or if they are willing to pay for talented individuals, they require a degree, which I don't have yet; and the competition is intense! I read somewhere that the average number of applications received for one position is 250. Two Hundred and Fifty contenders for just ONE position. I honestly, and naively assumed that finding a job would be easy. Not the case. I have applied to over 40 positions since August but I have not lost hope and I am still trying to stay positive that there will be light at the end of the tunnel and I will find the right place of employment for me. Until then, I'm still working hard to graduate with my Associates Degree in Business Management by 2015.

Here are some recent photo highlights of life lately.

Our very first USC Tailgate
Amazing time!
An Impromptu Drive to Ojai
A Miracle Baby's 1st Birthday
My 30th Birthday Celebration
Carpenteria Avocado Festival

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