Friday, October 24, 2014

Nautical Bachelorette Extravaganza

I was catching up on my blog feed and came across fellow blogger Kate of Nautical by Nature today, and thanks to her, had the genius idea to share my nautical themed Bachelorette  Extravaganza waaaay back when. (It's okay that I'm sharing this over two years later, right?)

Let me first say that I have the Best Friends and Sister's ever! My friend Tori, knew of my small infatuation with everything nautical and they ran with it! From the sailor hats down to the sailor telescope/ spyglass, everything was to-die-for amazing. Not to mention the nautical wristlets my best friend sewed for everyone in attendance. Blood sweat and tears kinda shit for her Best Friend. Gosh I love my friends. I can't wait to return the favor one day.

It all began with a 1.5 hour road trip...
... to sunny San Diego
The weather was perfect 
and the laughs were plentiful

Custom TShirts to 
rep our crew were 
created by Naye and Kinndy
"Dropping Her Anchor and Tying the Knot"

We had ourselves a scavenger hunt 
in Downtown San Diego...
...and did shit like this...
... and were subject to things like 
taking fake shots on a bar.
Then we wore funny hats
with vulgar quotes on them

Then we made our way to the
Hard Rock Hotel
Where my captain and shipmate's
apparel was waiting... amazing right?
I still swoon...
Then we all magically
got sexified for our evening out

More Sexiness 

Bride's Crew Sue and My 1st Mate
(aka Maid of Honor on the right)
More of my lovely Bride's Crew
Sue and I
(Amazing makeup c/o Sarah Garcia)
Some Booty Shaking with Sarah
(my legs look so long.. I'm not that tall)
My Beautiful Sister's

She's a Sexy Beast

Then we partied like Rock Stars Poolside
...and Nicole was the Happiest Bride to Be...
all because these broads and amazing women loved her.

I know it's two years later and I know I thanked you then, but since we are on the subject, thank you for making it the best weekend EVER! From fuses blown in the hotel room, picking random shit off the street, to one gorgeous looking bachelorette crew. Those are memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. History was made ladies and I am abundantly grateful.

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Gloria said...

Love this! Looks like you had a great time, the theme and everyone's outfits were super cute, and I just know that San Diego did not disappoint :)