Friday, October 24, 2014

Nautical Bachelorette Extravaganza

I was catching up on my blog feed and came across fellow blogger Kate of Nautical by Nature today, and thanks to her, had the genius idea to share my nautical themed Bachelorette  Extravaganza waaaay back when. (It's okay that I'm sharing this over two years later, right?)

Let me first say that I have the Best Friends and Sister's ever! My friend Tori, knew of my small infatuation with everything nautical and they ran with it! From the sailor hats down to the sailor telescope/ spyglass, everything was to-die-for amazing. Not to mention the nautical wristlets my best friend sewed for everyone in attendance. Blood sweat and tears kinda shit for her Best Friend. Gosh I love my friends. I can't wait to return the favor one day.

It all began with a 1.5 hour road trip...
... to sunny San Diego
The weather was perfect 
and the laughs were plentiful

Custom TShirts to 
rep our crew were 
created by Naye and Kinndy
"Dropping Her Anchor and Tying the Knot"

We had ourselves a scavenger hunt 
in Downtown San Diego...
...and did shit like this...
... and were subject to things like 
taking fake shots on a bar.
Then we wore funny hats
with vulgar quotes on them

Then we made our way to the
Hard Rock Hotel
Where my captain and shipmate's
apparel was waiting... amazing right?
I still swoon...
Then we all magically
got sexified for our evening out

More Sexiness 

Bride's Crew Sue and My 1st Mate
(aka Maid of Honor on the right)
More of my lovely Bride's Crew
Sue and I
(Amazing makeup c/o Sarah Garcia)
Some Booty Shaking with Sarah
(my legs look so long.. I'm not that tall)
My Beautiful Sister's

She's a Sexy Beast

Then we partied like Rock Stars Poolside
...and Nicole was the Happiest Bride to Be...
all because these broads and amazing women loved her.

I know it's two years later and I know I thanked you then, but since we are on the subject, thank you for making it the best weekend EVER! From fuses blown in the hotel room, picking random shit off the street, to one gorgeous looking bachelorette crew. Those are memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. History was made ladies and I am abundantly grateful.

Craft My Soul is on Bloglovin

Hi Blogalicious Babes!

Craft My Soul is on Bloglovin now... officially... like for real status. Have a Lovely Day!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thrifty Thursday - Sequin Tribal Skirt

We recently celebrated the Love of my Life's 32nd Birthday and it was the perfect opportunity to wear my latest Vinted purchase. I like to think of Vinted as an online thrift store. Unlike many traditional thrift stores, Vinted ranges from high-end new items to low-end used items. Onto the skirt...

I had my eye on a sequin tribal skirt from Francesca's Boutique before our Brazil Adventure but it wasn't something that I could justify with all of the travel shopping (and saving) I needed to focus on. So I passed on the skirt. Recently I was browsing Vinted and discovered a beautiful sequin tribal mini skirt. After much thought, I purchased this unused beauty for $17, which is a steal compared to retail prices right now.

Although I was now the proud owner of such a lovely statement piece, I didn't know where I would flaunt it. Eureka struck me and I decided to wear it to my Hubby's Birthday. It was a casual affair but I "dumbed" it down a bit with my thrifted jean jacket and Doc Marten's Mary Janes. Here is the full outfit (minus the shoes. See the shoes in this post). Gosh I love thrifting. 

Skirt - Vinted $17
Jacket - Goodwill $3
Mint Shirt - Ross $6
Necklace - TJ Max $12
*note: my hair looks jacked up in this photo

 In a nutshell, I LOVE this outfit!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Update: 30 Before 30

Needless to say... this was an epic fail. To think that I could accomplish these 30 goals before I turned 30 on top of the Brazil vacation AND job hunting was insane. Well... I do have plenty of time to accomplish them in my 30th year. Sooo maybe this post should be called 30 in 30? What do you think? Anyhow, I did manage to check-off one of a couple more items from my list.

I decided that I wanted to take my hubby out for our two year wedding anniversary and we enjoyed a very lovely day at the Anaheim Packing House and Park Avenue Steak House. Great Mini Staycation indeed!

The hubby proposed a spontatneous outing to Santa Barbara one Friday and although we were too lazy to finish our day trip to Santa Barbara, we had a great time wine tasting in Ojai and shopping in Camarillo.

1.  Visit Brazil – Done! Post Here
2.  Learn and dance Samba – Eeeeh We didn’t have time to Samba!
3.  Travel out of the country (filler) – Yeah Buddy!
4.  Get a tattoo
5.  Get a Brazilian Bikini Wax – Boom for some Sexiness in my pants! - Done and Done and I LOVE IT!
6.  Learn a song on the Guitar 
7.  Write a song
8.  Record a song
9.  Post a YouTube video of me singing I sang the National Anthem for West Covina Nationals Little League and posted my very first YouTube video. More to come! Check out the video!
10.     Stay out until 5 am - PST or Brazilian time (I am often times incapable of staying awake past 2 am)
11.     Get rid of some of my craft stash - a craft stash is all the hoarding of craft supplies one crafter might be storing.
12.     Learn to make champurrado - one of my FAVS
13.     Learn to make tamales - Any kind: Guatemalan, Cuban, Mexican, etc
14.     Learn to make Pozole - any volunteers to teach me?
15.     Pay it Forward - Pay for someone’s Starbucks in the drive-through behind me, etc.
16.     Sew a skirt and a dress – probably using a pattern
17.     Cut my hair short again - the cut may come sooner than later. Tired of this “longness!” - I will get there soon but I'm loving my medium/long length right now and I just dyed it copper. Loving the copper (photo above)
18.     Ride a horse - surprisingly, I’ve never done this (that I am aware of)
19.     Attend a professional football game (Even if it’s in nose bleed)
20.     Go on a spontaneous outing with my hubby
21.     Run/jog 1, 2, and 3 miles without stopping
22.     Post 30 blog posts or more on the blog
23.     Call my friends at least once or twice a month - or more if reciprocated - Calls made: 1/6/14- I have been lagging on this one.
24.     Volunteer – thinking of the Do Good Bus or other local community volunteerism - Volunteer Hours: Massage Event, Tinker Bella ½ Marathon. Massaged all of the runners and walkers. Super great experience and it was great to use my magic massage hands again.
25.     Greet at least 1 stranger a day or week (Hello, good morning, good evening, etc) - this one is going to be tough for meGreetings: 1/8/13 - Introduced myself to one of my new classmates. Too many to count now! I’m on a roll!
26.     Learn self-defense techniques - I’m thinking a self-defense meet-up to save money
27.     Learn to French braid and learn to French braid my own hair
28.     Take the train and spend a day in LA with my Mommy and Sisters - Girls day out!
29.     Take my husband to dinner - Girls can be “romantical” too!
30.     Treat myself to a day of pampering - Hair, nails, the works! I don’t do this enough.

Wish me luck on the rest. I will update after completion of each item.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thrifty Thursday - Dress My Soul

I really need to get in the habit of taking outfit photo's; especially when they involve thrifty finds.

I attended a very lovely summer wedding this year. Complete with mason jars, a photo booth, and an open bar. Weddings are just not fun without an open bar. Sorry to all my sober fans out there. We like to drink... socially, of course. Here is one of my favorite thrifty finds.

Blue Polka Dot Dress

Blue Polka Dot Dress (Goodwill) - $2.50
Ivory Bow Belt (Hand-me-down) - $0
Nude Wedges (Chinese Laundry/Ross) - $30
Pearl Necklace (borrowed) - $0

Pssst... the dress to the right... also a thrifty find of mine
One Shoulder Floral Dress (Crossroads Trading) - $8

I wore the same dress to a Bridal Party/Birthday gathering at Paris in a Cup, Anaheim. 

Blue Polka Dot Dress (Goodwill) - $2.50
Ivory Bow Belt (Hand-me-down) - $0
Brown Doc Martens (Urban Outfitters) - $25

More Thrifty finds coming soon!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Crafty Little Things

Sharing all the crafty things I've accomplished lately. I must say, I am proud of these beauties. I can't wait to make more time for crafting soon.

I Made Blue Velvet Cupcakes for my
Best Friends 30th Birthday in February

Penelope's 1st Year Collage Canvas
Miguel's 1st Year Collage Canvas

Miguel's 1st Birthday Hat

Penelope's Mermaid-Themed Hair Bow Canvas

Delilah's Hair Bow Canvas
Bow and Headband board for Mia and Aiyanna

I must have short term memory
because I can't remember who this was for.
Sad Face

More Crafty goodies coming soon!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Life Lately - The Struggle is Real

The Struggle is Real... per my metrics.

Thankfully, I'm not struggling to make ends meat because the husband and I are fortunate enough to be living with Mom and I am fortunate to have unemployment, and the hubby is working hard for us. The struggle, though, is with my confidence. The journey to finding where I belong has been humbling. Was I too confident that I would find a well-paying job right away? Possibly. Yes. Absolutely! Employers don't want to pay for talent or if they are willing to pay for talented individuals, they require a degree, which I don't have yet; and the competition is intense! I read somewhere that the average number of applications received for one position is 250. Two Hundred and Fifty contenders for just ONE position. I honestly, and naively assumed that finding a job would be easy. Not the case. I have applied to over 40 positions since August but I have not lost hope and I am still trying to stay positive that there will be light at the end of the tunnel and I will find the right place of employment for me. Until then, I'm still working hard to graduate with my Associates Degree in Business Management by 2015.

Here are some recent photo highlights of life lately.

Our very first USC Tailgate
Amazing time!
An Impromptu Drive to Ojai
A Miracle Baby's 1st Birthday
My 30th Birthday Celebration
Carpenteria Avocado Festival